San Diego

Goat Canyon Train Trestle

Recently my son and I spent a couple of fabulous days in the desert, camping and accessing new terrain.  I’d wanted to get out to Goat Canyon for at least the past 10 years, but had never quite figured out how to do it, knowing it was a challenge.  To view full screen, click anywhere on the comic once, then one more time.
Goat Canyon jake photo credit

Support Your Local Outdoor Pipe Organ!

The Pipe Organ was invented in the 3rd Century BC.  Pipe organs are powerful, marvelous musical instruments.  Most of them are harnessed in service to the Almighty (in churches), which makes a municipal pipe organ all the more special, as it’s free to play secular music from the greatest composers of all time.  I’m convinced a live pipe organ experience should be on everyone’s bucket list…

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Special Thanks to Dale Sorenson, Associate Organ Curator, who allowed me access to some of the inner workings of the organ and made himself readily available to answer my many pesky questions! Dale, you’re a good sport! I’d also like to thank Honorary Trustee Hal Doerr for his helpful explanations and models of how the pipes work, and Spreckels Organ Society Executive Administrator Ross Porter for his time and helpfulness as well.  It’s a nice group of people at the organ–it’s a real labor of love, how everyone contributes whole-heartedly for each Sunday performance.

The New Driver

Just when you think you’ve got your life comfortably dialed-in, a new set of events changes everything.  To view fullscreen click anywhere on the comic twice.


The Alluring Culvert

There’s something irresistible about tunnels.

The Perks and Pleasures of House-Sitting

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The New Central Library Gets A Dome

With construction two-thirds complete on the new downtown library, anticipation is really starting to build!

The Incident

The convergence of emergency vehicles on the restaurant across the street got me thinking.